Monday, May 15

This week I want to introduce the concepts of aperture and shutter speed. I know not all of you have manual cameras and so this information won't be useful right now, but it is still interesting to know. I decided not to recreate the wheel because I found a pretty good online tutorial about this, so I will just link you to it.

Aperture and Shutter Speed
If you can do the suggested assignments at the end of the tutorial that would be great. I plan to try them out myself this week.

For those without manual cameras this week you can focus on experimenting with different lighting. A good experiment to do is to take a photo of the same object, or place at different times during the day so that you can see how the different lighting affects the photo you end up with. Here are some good online resources

Fodor's Lighting info

Lighting sources and direction


Wondering when (and if) to use your flash? Check out these links

Making the most of your flash

Techniques for better on camera flash

Happy Shooting!

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