Tuesday, December 13

Haven't really been keeping up with this, ugh. Although I have actually been doing quite a bit of reading up on photography, and I am feeling more comfortable with the camera now. Here are some shots that I took over the last few days. The sunset ones were actually taken through the windshield of the car! Lucas slowed down a bit but I was sure I'd end up with just blurs so I'm quite happy with those :)

Thursday, December 8

More cat photos. Obviously I need to get out more. lol Well I did go out yesterday and there is now a ferris wheel set up in Lyon but it was so cold I didn't want to take my gloves off. Some photographer I am. We might go into Lyon tonight, it's the annual Fete de la Lumiere, so I will make an effort and bear the cold for art.

Monday, December 5

Had fun tonight snapping away :) First the Mozie-monster caught in mid-yawn. Her favourite place is the back of the couch and I took this from underneath her, shooting upwards. Too funny!

We had Coquille St Jaques Gratinee for dinner to night. With a good white Haute Cote de Nuit. YUM! Couldn't resist taking these photos, it looked oh so delicious I had to share. You can see Lucas and Mozie in the first one. Then I made them move. lol

And finally a shot of the newly decorated christmas tree!!

Friday, December 2

Today we went to my all time favourite store to get our Christmas tree. I LOVE Ikea, they just have the coolest stuff at awesome prices. The main thing was the tree, but we also got a few other things. It's not possible to leave Ikea with only the item you went for. :) My original plan was to take a photo of the trees for sale, but it wasn't inspiring at all. Most of them were already in those net things and the atmosphere just wasn't that Christmasy.

I loved the way the sign looked when we were leaving, all lit up so I snapped away. I really like the colour of the sky in this shot and the blue light on everything. I should have been less lazy and walked closer to avoid the cars and the pole, but oh well. It was cold! lol ISO 800, 3 MP, P mode.

Thursday, December 1

Went out to the post office today to pick up a parcel and took the camera along. I think this is the best of the shots I took. It's 3 megapixel, 400 ISO and P mode (which I need to learn more about).

I think this is probably the only fall foliage I will see this year, we had a warm fall, and then it got cold all of a suddden, so no real turning of the leaves.

Tuesday, November 29

Got Mozaique on film! I snuck up on her when she was snoozing. She did wake up but I guess since she was in a daze she couldn't move around too much. lol Notice the slit eyes :)

I took the first one, then zoomed in on her face. I totally love the close up!

They are both 3 megapixels, natural light setting, no clue what the ISO was, forgot to check. lol I am so not a photographer! :)

Weather permitting I will try to get some outdoor shots tomorrow. It's been freezing cold, not to mention grey here, so I have not been motivated to go out.

Monday, November 28

Just spent some time snapping. :) I attempted to read the manual for the camera and it was total gibberish to me. I think I need to read my amateur photography book first, to understand all about exposure, aperture etc. and then the manual will make sense - hopefully. I fooled around in Paint Shop Pro and cropped the photo to look like this:

I also took some snaps of our cat, Mozaique, but she moves around quite a lot and they were mostly blurry. I need to figure out which would be the best settings for photos of her, she's our number one subject!

Speaking of settings, the apple photos were taken at 3 megapixels, ISO 200 and the natural light photo mode. I'm off to search the net for photography help. I definitely need it!

Sunday, November 27

We got a new digi cam several weeks ago, one I convinced Lucas to buy. I have wanted it forever, it is the Fuji Finepix S5600/5200 and it is a vast improvement on the dinky little thing we got last year.

Well I have hardly used the thing, so I am setting up this blog to encourage me to learn how to use it, I need to practise before we leave for our vacation in less than a month.