Tuesday, November 29

Got Mozaique on film! I snuck up on her when she was snoozing. She did wake up but I guess since she was in a daze she couldn't move around too much. lol Notice the slit eyes :)

I took the first one, then zoomed in on her face. I totally love the close up!

They are both 3 megapixels, natural light setting, no clue what the ISO was, forgot to check. lol I am so not a photographer! :)

Weather permitting I will try to get some outdoor shots tomorrow. It's been freezing cold, not to mention grey here, so I have not been motivated to go out.


Dawsonagain said...

Love Miss Mozy.. she is soo cute. My cats moved around a lot at first.. then just gave in. It's a great pic Francine!!

Vernell said...

That pic of Mozie is awesome - she is so cute. I really need to get back into my photography. My slr has just been sitting there gathering dust.