Monday, November 28

Just spent some time snapping. :) I attempted to read the manual for the camera and it was total gibberish to me. I think I need to read my amateur photography book first, to understand all about exposure, aperture etc. and then the manual will make sense - hopefully. I fooled around in Paint Shop Pro and cropped the photo to look like this:

I also took some snaps of our cat, Mozaique, but she moves around quite a lot and they were mostly blurry. I need to figure out which would be the best settings for photos of her, she's our number one subject!

Speaking of settings, the apple photos were taken at 3 megapixels, ISO 200 and the natural light photo mode. I'm off to search the net for photography help. I definitely need it!


Corinnexxx said...

your picture looks great and good cropping!!


Vernell said...

Great photo. Fruit is always a good place to start:-)