Tuesday, January 2

Two Peas 2007 Photography Challenge

I've joined a challenge on the photography board on 2 Peas to take and post at least a photo a day. for the entire year. Phew! It's gonna be fun! I won't be able to update everyday for the next week or two because we are moving, but I'll try to upload when I can. The photo above was actually taken yesterday. Our cat Mozaique is somewhat traumatized by all the moving activity, so we keep finding her in strange places as she tries to keep out of our way. We're not sure how she got up there, probably by climbing up the stack of suitcases right in front the closet!

This photo is a true snapshot, I dropped what I was doing, grabbed the camera and fired off a few shots. I really should have used the tripod, but who knows where it is in all the disarray? But she's captured for posterity and this photo will definitely be scrapped!


Dee Marie said...

I don't envy you with moving and all. Good luck with that - and great capture! I love kitties.

Rebecca said...

Wow, you're seriously serious. I would have forgotten all about the camera in all that moving frenzy!

Good luck. Make sure to post pics of your new place :)